Search Engine Optimazation

  You can increase traffic to your website.

Understanding how search engines work

Its what you say and how you say it.

The written copy that describes your products or services is key to attracting search engines to your website. Referred to as" keyword phrases," are words and phrases that describe your products and are what potential customers will use when searching on the internet.

Every product or service you sell needs its own web page to describe the product and, the benefits of using the products.. Google reads your website and determines who you are and what you do by the information you put on your pages and connects you with customers who are searching for what you are selling.

 This is how it works: Lets say there is a person looking for pizza on the internet .they search for : "best pizza in Pittsburgh"  Your website has this copy written on a page:" Looking for the best pizza in Pittsburgh try Pizza Dee's. "

 The phrase "best pizza in Pittsburgh" is your keyword phrase. It is what you and your customer have in common. Through this common phrase, Google will match you up to your customer.

 How do you tell Google who you are and what you sell?

This is done by focusing in on the keyword phrases, correctly titling pages, writing proper descriptions, and creating proper content.

How to find the best keyword phrases that will work for you.

Search engines keep statistics on any word or phrase you can think of. There are two statics that are more important than others. They are the number of times key phrases are searched and the number of times other companies optimizing their website for the same phrase. We will help you find your best keyword phrases.