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Having your business show up in search results is a difficult task. However........

there is one area you can guarantee a search result and that is in the map areas on the search engine result page. That’s the area of the search results that show the map with all the businesses listed from A to Z. These results are listed in relevance to the area from which you are searching .

For  example:

Lets say I am searching for a place to eat. If I am looking for a good Mexican Restaurant and I am in Pittsburgh what good is a search result for El Manchinos in Santa Fe. When you do a search on the internet Goggle, Yahoo, bing and other search engines know where you are and that allows them to give you options that are within your area.

Having your business properly listed in these maps will ensure you the best chance of getting your fair share of the business.

Each of these major search engines allow you  to  create a free local business listing that will allow you to drive local traffic to your website. Your business listing will have a profile of your business and will include the following information: phone number, website address, location, directions, hours, coupons, customer reviews, product  information, videos, and more.