Online Marketing

Get instant placement in search results.

Basic principals of pay per click advertising

Search Results

Major Search engines, such as Google, Bing or Yahoo, provide two types of search results. The first type is what is referred as organic. These are the results found on the left side of the page and usually standout the most. However, they alsouse what is know as paid results. These usually are located on the right side of the page and at the top. In most cases they are listed as paid ads but for the average consumer they can all look the same.

Setting up an account.

You set up an account with Google, Yahoo or Bing. You let them know all the basics information about your business.

Choosing Keywords or phrases

Once your account is set up you choose a keyword or phrase that you would expect your customers would search for when looking for your product or service.

Creating an Ad.

Every keyword or phrase is associated with a ad that appears in the search results. The best results are achieved when you customize each ad with the individual keywords or phrases.

An Example:.
Lets say I am the owner of a Party Supply Store. I can choose to promote my services or an individual product.

The consumer searches for Your ad could read.
"Party Supplies" Party Supplies
Large selection of party supplies
for all occasions at deep discount
"Balloons" Colorful Balloons
Large selection of Balloons
available in all colors and styles

Setting a budget.

You determine the amount you want to pay per click and the total amount you want to spend in a month. Once you spend the average per day amount your ad is pulled and then returns the following day.

Placement goes to the highest bidder.

Where your ad is placed on a page is based on how much you bid per click compared to your competitors. If you have the highest bid then you should be placed at the top. However, even the lower bids can move to the top once your competitors exceed their budget. Cost per click starts around 10 cents per click and goes up from there.

Limiting your ad to your market area.

You can customize your ad so that it appears within a certain distance to your business zip code. This ensures that only those customers you can service will see your ad.