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Add A Blog to Your Website


What is the value of blogging?

A blog is like an informal newsletter. It should be a source of information and current news about your Industry, company, products, services, employees and customers. A blog will allow you to present important information to your customers. Your goal for your website should be to attract visitors to your website and then give them a reason to return. By creating a blog and offering relevant information to your customers you can give your customers to return. The real value of a blog is its easy to use. Once the blog is set up all you need to do is login and start typing. The information is posted automaticly to the blog and older blogs are archived for anyone to read at a later date. Simple as that.

Examples of good Blog topics.

Introduce new products or services

News about your company and empoyees

Whats going on in your industry

Technical support

Open forum for customer fedback

Tips on using or chosing your products or services